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'Keep out!' China sends six warnings to a US Navy plane, but the US didn't back down

US Navy P-8A Poseidon flying over the Pacific NorthwestNAVAIR US Navy

  • China sent six warning to a US Navy plane operating in the South China Sea Friday, ordering the American crew to "leave immediately and keep out."
  • The US Navy aircraft stayed the course, insisting that it was within its legal rights.
  • The incident follows a report from the Philippine government revealing that China has been sending out threatening radio queries to foreign ships and planes at an increased frequency.
  • The US Navys' operations in the South China Sea have not been affected.

Chinese forces deployed to the hotly-contested South China Sea ordered a US Navy reconnaissance aircraft to "leave immediately" six times Friday, but the pilot stayed the course, refusing to back down.

A US Navy P-8A Poseidon reconnaissance plane flew past China's garrisons in the Spratly Islands, giving the CNN reporters aboard the aircraft a view of Chinese militarization in the region.

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